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Solar Pumps

High Efficiency Solar PV Modules (Multi-Crystalline or Mono-Crystalline)
Mounting Structures with Fixed Tilt or 1-Axis / 2-Axis, Manual / Auto tracking systems
Solar Pump Control Unit with Built-in MPPT Algorithm
Provision for Grid or Generator Supply
50 / 60 Hz Output & suitable Energy Efficient Pumpsets
Protections against Dry Run, Short Circuit, Overload, 1 Phasing, Stall Function & Earth Fault
Sun Solar PV Array with Fixed Mounting Structures C.R.I. Solar Pump Control Unit C.R.I. Surface mounted Pumpset
Water Delivery Earthing    
Over Charging Easy to transfer to another site Battery Reverse Connection Short Circuit
Eco – Friendly – Uses Solar Energy
Zero running costs – No Electricity required
Less Maintenance
Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
25 Years Performance Warranty* on PV modules
1 Year Warranty* on Balance of Systems (BoS)