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Solar LED Street Light

Solar Street lights are standalone systems that provide reliable outdoor lighting for campuses, roads, villages, open spaces, etc. They are powered by a LED or CFL lamp that emits and widely spreads bright light. Solar street lights operate from dusk to dawn and have in-built automated controls, which help in remote application.

Working Principle
The Solar Panel absorbs the sunshine in the daytime to generate power and store in the battery, in the evening the solar street light will working automatically until the next morning.
Applications & Uses
Roads or Streets Railway gates Parks and Boundary Walls Hotels and Hospitals
Remote & Inaccessible Places

Wherever dependable lighting is desired.

Special Attraction
Simply installation Low maintenance cost More than 2 days of autonomy Automatic on/off controller
Highly efficient charge controller with inbuilt protection Weather proof luminaries Unbreakable solid case Cost Effective
Over Charging Easy to transfer to another site Battery Reverse Connection Short Circuit
Features and Advantages
More than 50,000 hours life span Low power consumption High efficiency Good Coverage
High brightness – approximate 100lm/watt Easy set up on almost any site Almost no running cost and maintenance Positive impact on the environment
No Road works or wiring required Unaffected by power outages